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Local SPCA & Best Friends Sanctuary "save them all" 

Puppy mills

Many people don't realize that when they buy a dog from a pet store or on the Internet, that dog most likely came from a puppy mill, a "factory farm" for dogs. In puppy mills, dogs live in small cages, often in the minimum legal size allowed (only six inches larger than the dog on all sides) and female dogs are bred as frequently as possible.

Life in a puppy mill is no life for our best friends. Even though more and more Americans are taking a stand against them, the U.S. still has about 10,000 puppy mills. Together, we can take a stand against puppy mills and make them a thing of the past.

How to fight puppy mills

  • Don't buy dogs from pet stores or on the Internet. Please adopt instead.
  • Spread the word: Teach others about puppy mills.
  • Choose adoption.



Join Merristitches and help meet the needs of those school children who confront 68 hours of hunger between the free lunch they receive in school on Friday and the free breakfast they receive in school on Monday morning!!

Backpacks are filled with the collected food donations,each child goes home with a filled backpack on Friday and returns them on Monday.Volunteers then pick the back packs up,refills them and the process starts again, every week. A list of non-perishable food items that are good for the back packs can be picked up at merri’s. Merristitches will also serve as a drop off location for your food donation . to Learn more visit Please help us make this program a continued success!!!

We have been very busy here for sure. Lots and lots of donations have been delivered!
Be sure to go to for all the most up to date information!
Here are the items we are lowest on:
  • Lovies
  • Angel gowns all sizes
  • Cross front t’s small and large
  • Sheets
  • Isolette covers
  • And Newborn knit and crochet blankets! Yes indeed they are back on the list.
  • We still need and use all of our other items as well.

(603) 431-9922

  • 72 Mirona Rd Madison Village Portsmouth NH