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 Repair Department: MerriStitches is an Authorized Viking Husqvarna Warranty Service Center, & Janome Warranty Service Center.
All our repairs are done on site with our certified technicians.  
Certified LongArm Technician we do in home service!!!
we service all makes and models!!

From The Repair Department"
Did you know, Sewing machine needles don’t last forever. How do you know when it’s time to change your
needle? Every 8 hours, every garment. Embroidery, if designs are dense, don't wait till you hear a clicking noise!!!   Really they are pennies a piece compared to a repair on the machine hook or bobbin case replacement!!!  not to mention the quality of your stitches!!! not sew good! 

(603) 431-9922

  • 72 Mirona Rd Madison Village Portsmouth NH